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Is Maui For You?

I woke up this morning dreaming yet again of Hawaii and remembering our last trip and thought I would write about Maui for those of you that don't know which island go to first.

Planning a dream trip to Hawaii but really don't know which Island to do? If you love beaches then Maui may be the one for you. However if you love shopping and an array of restaurants then Oahu may be for you. Want to disappear into the jungle like the FBI is looking for may want to consider the big Island of Hawaii. Of course we cannot leave Kauai out either with jurassic park mountains the backdrop of a Costco parking lot who would not want to hit up a Costco in Kauai.

Hawaii has four main island Oahu (Waikiki), Maui, Big Island (Hawaii) and Kauai. In this blog i write about Maui. I usually recommend Maui to anyone who has not been to Hawaii. Maui is the "softest" of all islands with beautiful sandy beaches. You won't find the rugged jurassic park mountains everywhere as you would on Oahu or Kauai, but it is still beautiful. Maui is call the "valley isle" due to two separate volcano masses on either side of the island. (No lava on this island).

Maui has many day excursion trips with loads of sights to take in. One of my favourite is the road to Hana and yes you can take your rental car down it. Pack a lunch and leave as early as possible it is a full day and if you do it right you will be heading back in the dark. There are many spots to stops along the way that are not to be missed!! As well there are spots that you should just keep going past so not to miss whats up a head.

Whales, whales whales....this is why Maui is one of my favourite islands! When it is whale season you can see the beautiful creators breaching and tail slapping right from your condo or driving along the coast line. Maui has three islands that act as a back drop making the view of the ocean even more breathtaking. Kahoolawe, Lanai, and Molokai as well as Molokini the cresent-shaped volcanic crater.

West side drive is a very spectacular drive and one you should not miss on doing. Along this drive you will see breath taking sea cliffs, raging ocean, blow holes, nail biting one lane roads. One rule...take it slow.

Maui has many great snorkelling spots for both beginner and advanced snorkelers. No you do not need to do an expensive boat tour to take you to spots just off land to snorkel that you could have driven too. I have many favourite spots that i can blog about later.

All in all Maui is a very easy island to do for your first time. It has great shopping, dining, sight seeing, beaches and more beaches. Every trip we do i make an itinerary of our time spent in Maui and all the sights we will take in as i don't want to waste a day. Even though a day wasted is Maui is still time well spent.

Never let anyone tell you..."if you seen one island, ya seen em all". So not the case as they are all so very different.

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