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Shave Ice Done Right

Aloha and Mahalo to all our guests that have supported us this spring and summer and we are looking forward in serving you through out the fall and winter months as well. After attending many events this summer I have seen a lot of posers out there calling themselves Hawaiian Shaved Ice when in fact they are nothing more than crunchy snow cones. Also it is Shave not Shaved. There is no D in the Hawaiian alphabet this is why it is called Hawaiian Shave Ice in Hawaii.

Island Girl Shave Ice is about serving the BEST Hawaiian Shave Ice. We have invested years in the making of Island Girl Shave Ice and are so much more than throwing Hawaiian slang around. We are about doing Shave Ice right! This means using REAL Ice SHAVERS! The kind that shave a solid block of ice rather than dumping a bag of Ice cubes in a machine that crunches the ice and calls themselves Hawaiian Shaved Ice and pouring cheap syrups that have shelf life of a year sitting out in the warm sun. It is as much about the syrups as it is the shaving of the ice. At Island Girl Shave Ice we have 13 all NATURAL syrups. This means that REAL fruit flavour is used and not imitation flavouring. (Yes we do carry those as well but we like to give an all natural choice for those that are sensitive to harsh dyes). It also means that no food colouring is used other than fruit/vegetable juice for the colouring. All our flavours are gluten, soy, milk and nut free. We do NOT add preservatives to our syrups and they are made fresh. Our syrups have a fridge life of up 3 weeks but ours do not go past two weeks. We do not proudly display our syrups on a shelf as they sit in warm temperatures because they are full of preservatives...YUCK! Our syrups are nice and cold as we pour them over your soft snow. Remember if you can crunch ice you purchased a fake and for that we are truly sorry as you are missing out a such a wonderful treat.

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